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Re: Uptime

Author:Luke Tymowski
Posted:10/14/1999; 10:23:52 AM
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I don't think Philip would be keen to participate. A big problem with those sorts of services is dealing with bounced e-mail. He does it as a service for his friends and clients, and the public. But I'm guessing he allows the public to take advantage of it because it's an effective way of advertising his services.

But he does provide the source, and he does encourage others to copy his ideas for their platforms, so it's not as though he is being selfish.

It's not really effective as a test of a server's robustness. It is affected by backbones, peering arrangments, ISPs. So you could have a server which is up 99.9% of the time, but if there's a flakey connection between the server and you, it might look like it's up only 90% of the time.

The only difficult part of that sort of service is coping with bounced e-mail.

There are commercial services offering the same features, but they charge (presumably because of the admin headache caused by bouncing e-mail).

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