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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/21/1999; 4:53:05 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Washington Post: "'Know thyself' is a highly overrated piece of wisdom. As for knowing the self of others, forget it. Know what they do and judge them by their works."

Atlantic Unbound: "Epinions could be called a 'productlog' -- a focused, for-profit version of what blogs have been doing for a couple years now."

Thomas Creedon's weblog has all the features a weblog needs. A news page with an easy to remember URL, a calendar interface for back-issues (no linkrot when you point to his site), a discussion group, a search engine and an XML back-end.

Peter Merholz runs the PeterMe website. He's a good designer, in fact he just landed a job at Epinions, as their creative director. I bet he gets some good stock options. Here's a picture of Peter playing some kind of board game with Carl Steadman, Justin Hall and Taylor, all of whom I know from Wired. Peter will certainly do well at Epinions, he has no problem clearly expressing his own opinion!

BeNews: Scripting in BeOS.

Eva Torrington on Sash: "Have you actually downloaded and tried Sash? I did and it is very cool."

Dennis Chao: Doom as a tool for system administration. "People frequently talk about 'blowing processes away', and the Unix command to destroy a process is Kill. This suggests a metaphor for process management. Each process can be a monster, and the machines can be represented by a series of rooms."

Listening to NPR, an interview with some man, I'm thinking "This guy is pretty smart!" and guess what, it turns out to be Dan Quayle!

Wired interviews Tim Berners-Lee. "People keep asking me what I think of it now that it's done. Hence my protest: The Web is not done!" Yes! But..

6/23/99: "Who would ever use two programs, one to read and one to write? Why isn't the web browser a writing environment *and* a reading environment? Because none of the engineers on MSIE at Microsoft use Hotmail for email. I can only infer that, because if they did, it would be usable as a writing environment, even in a rudimentary way."

WSJ: WhereDoYouDrawTheLine.Com? "With the surge in day trading, is it OK for employees to log on to make a quick stock deal? How about sending out e-mail messages from work supporting a politician? Or using office computers to hunt for a new job? And if any of this is permissible occasionally, just when does it cross into excess?"

NY Times: "The born-again iMacs are, dollar for dollar, the best computers Apple has produced in many years. Other PC makers will be racing to match the iMac's blend of high-tech features and simplicity."

MacWEEK: "Can Apple be simultaneously revolutionary and maintain the status quo?"

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