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Re: Hide and Seek at W3C

Author:Mark Kennedy
Posted:10/22/1999; 12:23:58 PM
Topic:Hide and Seek at W3C
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Ahh! I stand corrected! But I still say that the address is needlessly buried, leaving the user to feel stiff-armed the whole way. Here's the path that I took through:

Click 1: The "Webmaster" link at the bottom of the error page Click 2: Option 3, "I can't access..." ('cause I couldn't)

The text says: . If you have trouble accessing information which begins with, or with anything at the W3C website (such as links to other sites), then the W3C Webmaster is the right person to contact.

So I click: Click 3: I need more information

I'm persistant, assuming they aren't sending me down a blind ally, so I click again:

Click 4: I need more information

Nothing. Fed up, I:

Click 5: Not relevant

Ah-ha! I'm told in big bold letters:

Make sure everything is either read or discarded! This is the only way for you to contact the W3C Webmaster.

Noticing the new interface elements (trash cans and warning signs) I quickly learn that clicking into each FAQ (even ones that I *know* aren't going to answer my question) causes that FAQ to "be discarded." Thus, I start clicking in and discarding everything there. I see now that this caused me to actually miss the information I needed, though from my first click into #6 (which is mislabeled #5) gives me no indication that I might find an email address buried in there.

Once I finally click for the Umpteenth time and discard every FAQ, I get the Golden Ticket. 'Course, by this time I'm so turned off that I never did send that email to report the problem with their site.

Again, this isn't a rant against W3C at all. I've recently been immersed in usability issues at work and have caught the religon, so I think I'm overanalyzing everything with a user interface, including my car, my workstation, and even the box that my lunch came in today. Now *that's* a completely different tale to tell...


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