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Re: A Third Voice for the Intranet that Adds Some Features

Author:Brian Carnell
Posted:10/23/1999; 12:50:49 PM
Topic:A Third Voice for the Intranet that Adds Some Features
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I am familiar with Alexa's use of cache servers anddon't have too many problems with that sort of thing provided they are not providing archived views of my content. If I want to put up a daily news feature and then archive those and charge for the archive, I don't want a server offering up an old version of the page to get around my archiving scheme. But otherwise I don't have a problem with these sorts of things because the intent and effect is very different from the Catch the Web program.

"This prevents valuable information from being at the mercy of an external site."

Just like photocopying an article keeps me from being at the mercy of having to hold on to the entire newspaper. All of the companies I've worked for usually pay a fee to a copyright aggregrator for the right to photocopy articles for internal use from a variety of journals and have strict policies for duplication of other materials. If a company is going to take something off my site and store it in a database for their employees to recall they had better be paying a licensing fee, just as they would if they photocopied the same article out of the newspaper and made 200 copies to leave for their employees to read.

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