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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/24/1999; 12:37:47 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Jorn's Mega Content Station: "Integrating email and Web surfing and Web publishing and netnews and word-processing and file-management and image-manipulation and basic (but not BASIC) programming."

Matt Welsh: "I think it's very important to remind people that Open Source isn't just a Microsoft-killer; it's a way to develop the infrastructure for the next generation of computing."

SlashDot's advice for lovelorn geeks. "Women who look great aren't necessarily good in bed, and those who have learned how to use their looks as a tool to manipulate men will almost always make your life miserable in the long run."

No comment on the SlashDot piece. But I bet guys who write about Noam Chomsky attract a certain kind of woman, probably more interesting than the ones that geeks attract? Not sure.

Coming in Frontier 6.1: thread.callScript, tcp.readStreamBytes, tcp.readStreamUntil, tcp.writeStringToStream, html.neuterMacros, html.neuterTags.

5/24/99, on SlashDot: Jon Katz on Weblogs. "They seem to almost all be ideologically opposed to hostility, including essayish commentary and observations. Because the site creator limits and approves membership, they don't need to be defended as intensely as bigger sites, nor do they attract - or permit - posters who abuse others. One obvious payoff is that the flow of ideas is strong, uninterrupted and impressive."

Katie Hafner: "Nothing should detract from the role Berners-Lee played in taking a relatively obscure computer network and making it into a mass medium."

MSNBC asks what's the worst idea of the millennium?

Nicholas Petreley asks if it's time for Internet cops?

NY Times: Play the Internet, With Apple. "Even with the 80.6 percent run-up in Apple shares this year, to $73.9375 on Friday, they still trade at a discount to those of other personal computer manufacturers like Dell Computer or Gateway, let alone to a pure Internet play like Yahoo." Don't overlook that the Mac is still strong with Internet content developers.

More comments on the PeterMe website. It turns out he has an issue with one of my comments in the Third Voice debate here a few weeks back. That was a surprise! I sent him an email asking him to reconsider some of his (new) statements about me.

Unfortunately Peter's comments have already scrolled. Hellllp. I'll leave the link here, with best wishes to Merholz and his readers.

Washington Post: "'Know thyself' is a highly overrated piece of wisdom. As for knowing the self of others, forget it. Know what they do and judge them by their works." I've tatoo'd this on my forehead, along with a dozen similar reminders.

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