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Email to Peter Merholz

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/24/1999; 12:16:14 AM
Topic:Email to Peter Merholz
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Peter Merholz responds

On the PeterMe website, Peter Merholz explains his comments about my last DaveNet piece.

I'm not going to archive his comments, you can read them on his site, unfortunately a few days from now they will have scrolled off. Sorry!

I sent him an email, the text of which follows.

Email to Peter Merholz

1. I honestly think my contribution to idea processing software is as important as Engelbart's or Nelson's -- because I shipped software, and they did demos and gave speeches. To say that my "thoughts have inspired only derision" is totally unsupportable. Are you omniscient? Can you read the minds of everyone who has ever read anything I've written?

2. I did not lay claim to the name Dave, or even DaveNet. If you're friends with Dave Pell, consider the possibility that your friend did something tacky. DaveNetics and DaveNet are very confusable. I know this because people get confused when I tell them I write DaveNet. That's just a fact Peter, it's not something to have an opinion about. It happens. You wouldn't know because (I assume) you don't list DaveNet on your resume as I do.

3. I was simply responding to Rogers' outrageous statements about Third Voice. The fact that you found the idea offensive proves my point. At least I didn't write it on his home page!


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