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Re: Email to Peter Merholz

Author:Rogers Cadenhead
Posted:10/24/1999; 8:56:56 PM
Topic:Email to Peter Merholz
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I was simply responding to Rogers' outrageous statements about Third Voice. The fact that you found the idea offensive proves my point. At least I didn't write it on his home page!

So much for my theory you made the sex-with-boys remark in the heat of the moment. You should get your hindsight checked.

Please rate the following behavior on a scale of 1 (perfectly reasonable) to 10 (astonishingly tasteless):

a) Making outrageous comments about Third Voice.

b) Posting the following response: "check out Rogers' home page. See the little boy? Want to have sex with him?"

Maybe your value system really is one in which these two are comparable.

Personally, as the father of young children, I'm just glad you didn't spot any photos of my kids on my home page. I can only speculate about the pedophilic come-ons you might have written for their photos in an effort to vilify a Web browser plug-in.

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