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Re: Email to Peter Merholz

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/24/1999; 9:10:37 PM
Topic:Email to Peter Merholz
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Thanks for coming back Rogers.

At least you say you're using your imagination. I read your site and I knew that was a picture of you as a child, not the picture of an actual child.

This subject came up in a serious way at a meeting I had with a publisher of a children's website, a few days before our discussion here.

I find it amazing that you are outraged by my comment, a demo, when Third Voice, which opens the door for such comments on real websites with real kids, and that doesn't bother you. Or would it bother you, as a father of young children?

Finally, while I am an adult and can fend for myself, you continue to make personal statements about me, as Merholz has, and while he can do that on his site, and you can on yours, I would appreciate it if you show some respect, here on my site.

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