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Re: Email to Peter Merholz

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/25/1999; 5:02:27 AM
Topic:Email to Peter Merholz
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By being so violently opposed to Third Voice on the basis of what it might turn into, you aren't giving public annotation a chance to develop, work out the kinks, and establish standards that are acceptable to the community.

Hey if I only I were so powerful. It's safe to relax about that one. I can't stop Third Voice. And I wasn't being violent. I really don't like that characterization.

you're going to need better horror stories for me to join you on the picket line.

Now I'm really confused! You complain you don't like me because you don't like my horror stories, and now you want me to come up with more horrible ones? Why? So you and Peter Merholz can try to outdo each other in saying what a horrible person I am? ";->"

Let's stop the trumpeting. I suspect you're not really that angry, or at least it seems as if you've gotten over it..

Peace Rogers!! Let's have fun. Thanks.

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