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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/25/1999; 5:21:40 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Salon interviews the CEO of Knight Ridder New Media.

Heads-up: Tomorrow we're launching a new site developed in partnership with Knight Ridder. Go UserLand!

Salon: Pete Rose Steals the Show. "If anybody in this group doesn't think I'm sorry for what happened ... I must tell you this: that I'm sitting here looking at a lot of friends out there, and I can't think of anybody I'm looking at that I hurt."

Seattle FUG meeting tomorrow, in Seattle, of course.

Geoff Allen says that an OS that works would be great but it doesn't exist. Shirley Knight, it seems, would agree.

Jon Udell: XML-RPC Programming with Zope.

Ken Meltsner: "The Pampers research team's patents are interesting to me as the parent of newly toilet-trained toddler, and how can you resist the opportunity to find out about the state of the art in boar semen collection bags?"

Survey: Link Colors for Scripting News. Members only.

Ooops! I screwed up. If you were accessing the survey without a UserLand cookie it would redirect to a page on localhost. It's fixed now. Murphy is my best teacher!

BTW, even though you can only vote once, you can change your vote. We remember your previous choice. When you change, we subtract one from that category and add one to the new one.

BTW, It should be possible to view the results even if you're not a member. Still diggin!

Screen shot of the survey outline. It's XML! Of course.

A greeting card to the CEO of Blue Mountain Arts with congrats on their $780 million acquisition by Excite@Home.

Speaking of Murphy, it's a good idea to carry an extra chute, just in case. Your humble servant.

Cosource.Com is a My.UserLand channel.

Question: If the web had a command line, what would it look like?

NY Times: Product reviews from anyone with an opinion. "These sites purport to be more objective than retailers that offer user opinions. But some question whether sites that accept commissions, referral fees or advertising can deliver worthwhile information, even if it is provided by individuals with no vested interest in the products."

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