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Re: Jorn's Mega Content Station

Author:Vitor Conceicao
Posted:10/25/1999; 5:47:47 AM
Topic:Jorn's Mega Content Station
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Wow! That pretty much sums up most of my dreams.

1.Right on! (Except the Microsoft-killing part, make love not war, this shouldn't be a project to "get" anyone. That's not how we create lovely stuff. In fact we may want Microsoft's help to make this happen.)

As for this Dave, my problem is not with Microsoft. The problem is with Windows and all it's legacy code. Windows right now is more patched than frankenstein and most of its core stuff is still backward compatible with very old things like the DOS filesystem and that kind of stuff. As long as they still try to patch this ugly frankenstein I'll be against Microsoft, I can't stand all the bugs and limitations that come from legacy code anymore.

If only Microsoft was brave enough to get everything to run inside the browser and after this throwing Windows away and building a real OS that would be slim and fast and bug free...

That way I'd love to have Microsoft helping our dreams come true.

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