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Re: Jorn's Mega Content Station

Author:Vitor Conceicao
Posted:10/25/1999; 8:08:18 AM
Topic:Jorn's Mega Content Station
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You know what amuses me most about you Dave? The way you manage to reply to any message so quickly.

I knew you'd disagree on me, actually I intentionally made my post a bit more radical than I am.

But the point I can't stand a messy OS anymore, its terrible to have an OS that each software you install can break everything else, an OS that each program behaves diferently from the other, where you don't have the same set of features working the same on every app and property.

I wan't an OS that is coherent and works as expected everytime.

I agree with you that the browser is not ready yet, I really miss a good text editor in the browser and some other apps that still haven't found a way to work inside the browser (like spreadsheets and drawing programs), but we'll get there... Someday...


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