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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/26/1999; 3:42:00 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: Dan Gillmor's Wee Blog!

Dan Gillmor: "My weblog will do some of the things other weblogs do so well, such as point you to other Web content I find important or useful or outrageous or whatever."

A new table-rendering framework is going into Frontier 6.1. "Now, five years into web programming, I think I understand the central role of tables, and how I want to build them from scripts." It's about time! ";->"

Fred Yankowski is maintaining a page with proposed extensions to XML-RPC.

WSJ: Andreessen to unveil latest venture. "Marc Andreessen will launch his second major Web start-up Tuesday, a company that will offer a range of technology services to get Internet companies up and running quickly." Tell them about XML-RPC. Let's work together this time, Marc.

Are any of these guys Scripting News readers??

Survey: How much will Marc Andreessen's new startup be worth when they IPO? Members.

Thanks to Flutterby for this link. Now I want to know who the students voted for! (I'm in a survey mode, if you must know.)

Business Week: David Weatherall, Internet Evangelist.

Welcome to my home page. I kiss you!!!!

News.Com: Study reveals not-too-hot Java. I kiss you!!!!

XML-Hack: New XML-Server mail list. "Initiated by Eric van der Vlist, the aims of the group are to identify desirable features for an XML-based data/application server, search for these features in existing products and, if necessary, consider the creation of an open-source project to implement the server."

Dan Gillmor's weblog is a Manila site!

We're hosting Jim Roepcke's weblog: Have Browser Will Travel. It's a Manila site. I'm a regular at Jim's site, and now I like it even better since he's using Frontier instead of DreamWeaver. Right on Jim, keep on trekin! ";->"

Erin Clerico is a UserLand Support Associate. Last Friday, when we seeded our SAs with the first source release of Manila.Root, Erin was the first to get his Manila site on the air. We're not hosting this one. This is a key component of our business model, we're learning how to do hosting, but we're also enabling our users and customers to do it too.

As one of the chairs of the WWW9 conference I have been asked to point to this page requesting academic institutes or consortia to volunteer to host conferences in coming years. It would be great if Scripting News could play a role in furthering the WWW.

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