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New Manila Site Day!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/26/1999; 5:40:56 AM
Topic:New Manila Site Day!
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The links are up

Thanks to Jim Roepcke and Erin Clerico for each doing such interesting sites, for different reasons.

Jim's site is a complete functioning weblog, a continuation of his DreamWeaver-managed site. I was a regular reader of his site, and it's great to have Jim back for my daily visit, and I look forward to seeing how he uses his DG, and how I use his SE.

Erin's site is a design showcase. Very beautiful look, to see the DG enhanced by the work of a designer with a real good eye. What a nice experience to see my own work presented this way.

And finally -- a hearty congratulations to Brent Simmons for the Dan Gillmor site. It's been a longish road with lots of twists and turns. Brent came thru like a champ, never complaining, and getting the job done on time. It's a beautiful site, one we will point to for a long time to come.



PS: To Frontier-users, both Jim and Erin are "Support Associates". These guys grok Frontier in all its glory. We're lucky to have them working with us.

PPS: SE stands for Search Engine.

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