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Author:Paul Snively
Posted:10/27/1999; 10:55:35 AM
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Dave Winer wrote:

Huh? All four of these sites have excellent well-deserved substantial brand identities. They've all been around for years and years, and are pioneers in the net. Salon did a humble IPO, Herring just covers the IPOs, and Fool just took their first round of VC after many years of operating. You couldn't have picked a worse example to rant about vaccuous brands, these brands are notable for their substance.

My apologies for the lack of clarity; I wasn't pointing the finger at any of the participants in this specific syndication effort (which, given that they've all provided RSS, really would be silly), but rather that there seems to be almost a pre-emptive concern, on the part of third parties, that these organizations might find the URL to encroach upon their brands. It's really the (IMHO) specious concern I'm reacting to; what I tried to do was extrapolate the concern to instances in which the concern might be well-founded, which led me to the weakly-based brand idea. It was not my intention to attach the idea to any of the four examples here--although if any of them do complain about the URL, I'll start to wonder...

Regards, Paul

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