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Author:Paul Snively
Posted:10/27/1999; 11:07:27 AM
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Kent Spaulding wrote:

Dave, I'm going to have guess that you misunderstood the last paragraph, I don't think Paul was ranting about these sites' brands as vacuous - he says "like" Salon* after all. We'll have to ask him.

I'm glad you understood me. I should have clarified by saying that I see Salon* (it helps to be first, I guess!) as helping the four honchos legitimately build their brands by increasing the distribution of their substance.

So what I'm really ranting about is the extent to which it seems that the mad rush to establish a "brand" in cyberspace has led to idiocy like Amazon's suit against Barnes and Noble, and the fact that, instantly upon someone concatenating four business' names in the public sphere, there's weeping, wailing, and gashing of teeth over whether this is acceptable or not, rather than over anything substantive like: does this help or harm the audience? Does this help or harm the four honchos? What usability issues need to be addressed by presentation of syndicated content?

Note that I'm not claiming that those conversations aren't happening or won't happen; I'm just asserting that those conversations should probably precede (or, more accurately, subsume) the brand-safety conversation.

Thanks for the opportunity to explain,

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