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Author:Kent Spaulding
Posted:10/27/1999; 12:46:42 PM
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Agreed, but...

Conversations about branding are unavoidable in a new medium like the Web. There is a fine line between brand-building and brand-dilution - does help or inhibit the aggregated brands?

On one hand, it certainly has the potential to increase flow, which could help build the brands. On the other, the aggregator links somewhat deeply into the sites in question, potentially diluting the brands. Will users stay on the site or go back to the aggregator? As you suggest, it's not a black and white issue.

Having said that, the power of networks is in the number of nodes and the number of links, aggregation only enhances the value of the network and is therefore unavoidable. It will happen, in all posible forms.

Therefore, the only effective strategy over the long-term is to focus on quality content. Any efforts to 'defend your turf', e.g. fighting against deep-linking, will eventually be wasted effort. Furthermore, these efforts hurt the quality of the content.

Aggregation happens!

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