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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/27/1999; 4:49:24 PM
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weeping, wailing, and gashing of teeth

FWIW, note that none of this, so far, has come from any of the pubs.

So far I got one email from Rafe Needleman at Herring asking if it was automatic or done by hand. In other words, it has barely penetrated their awareness, by any measurement I can take.

I think what you're hearing is predictable coffee-housing from people who like to discuss things. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but the principals haven't said anything yet.

And Doc Searls, the Cluetrain guy, and my buddy, sent me a gorgeous note.

Here is the only marketing logic that works:

** Markets are conversations ** Conversation is fire ** Marketing is arson

If you're not an arsonist, you're not marketing. You can't make markets by not talking about them. You can't make markets by *announcing* a bunch of *messages*.

> It's a dark-side-light-side thing. A clear choice. Do you believe in > the web? Or do you believe in portals?

I believe in the Web. I believe in YOU, brother.

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