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Author:David Detlefsen
Posted:10/29/1999; 5:24:04 AM
Topic:everyone an aggregator
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I understand and agree that you could position this for information clearing house shops and that you need to get a public display going. I think your stragegy is working (it's worked on me).

I just don't want to have to wait for this to be talked about, digested, and validated by industry pundits before the local IT folks get wind of it and decide it's the next big thing (pardon my cynicism).

Also, for the record, aggregation could be used as a communication tool (pre NDA, pre IND) for researchers (e.g, working on new HIV protease inhibitors) who are geograhically remote and working in technically diverse fields. In addition to the scientific information of the 'HIV protease' channel, scheduling information could be included to provide a single place to go to be updated on a project. Managers would love it (they could get instant updates) as would bench-level folks (they could make sure they are doing the right things with the most current information). Finally, you could toss in some literature searching to make sure we know what everybody else is doing (in so far as they'll tell us) and you've got pretty much everything you need for an drug discovery workgroup tool.

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