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Advice re: Microsoft and bug reporting

Author:Jason Levine
Posted:10/29/1999; 11:59:15 AM
Topic:Advice re: Microsoft and bug reporting
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Hello all... in my debugging of a problem I'm having with Frontier & tcpcmd talking to an IIS 4.0 FTP server, I've uncovered two problems in IIS and how it logs FTP activity.

My question for you guys is -- does anyone have any advice about the best way to pass this information on to someone who cares at Microsoft? I've never been able to figure out how best to do that.

For those that are interested, here are the two problems:

  1. IIS does not log file deletions.
  2. In the W3C Extended Log Format, IIS screws up the server port number field. (When, during passive FTP, a server sends to the client the port number that the client should contact to open an FTP data connection, it does so by breaking a 16-bit integer into its two eight-bit components, converting them into decimal integers, and sending them that way. IIS, when it writes to the log, puts the two eight-bit components back together BACKWARDS. Funny, and if you're interested, I can explain more and show examples.)

Thanks a ton in advance...


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