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Meet my would-be editor, Chris Palu

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:10/30/1999; 6:11:08 AM
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There's been a number of times recently when I've agreed in part with the person who you've chewed out. Unfortunately, when you respond to these people and ideas you don't respect, you do it with hardly any thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. It's painful to watch someone get worked up about what they consider to be ants.

Folks, this is what I meant by Too Many Editors.

This is a person who thinks he can invent a "Better Dave".

See the problem? Here's a stranger, someone I have never heard of, offering me advice on how to be more like he wants me to be. If I were to take his advice, and your advice, and everyone else's, then there's no more me, just some washed out amalgram of all your neuroses.

It ain't gonna happen so give it up.

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