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Democracy, personalisation and Reputation Managers

Author:Robert Cumming
Posted:11/1/1999; 7:43:53 AM
Topic:Democracy, personalisation and Reputation Managers
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Some thoughts about reputation management, karma and suchlike...

I've been to Epinions a few times now and been a bit underwhelmed with what I've seen. Sure, the idea is a neat one, and the site's democratic aims are laudable, but there's a problem: I don't agree with the concensus on who's a good reviewer and who's not.

I've noticed a similar problem reading Slashdot: I don't always agree with the moderators' scoring, even if it's much better than no scoring at all.

I want reputation management to be in my hands, not in the hands of the masses. I can do this when reading Usenet with Lars Ingebrigtsen's Gnus - I score up the people and topics I want to read, and I score down people and topics I can't suffer. Why can't I do this on Slashdot, Epinions, Scripting News, or any of the web boards?

The web has got to be able to handle diversity of opinion, not just democracy.

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