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Re: Yahoo Clubs. :-)

Author:William Crim
Posted:11/1/1999; 11:03:52 AM
Topic:Democracy, personalisation and Reputation Managers
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Has anyone here looked at Yahoo clubs?

At first I thought they were a bit cheezy, but after several months of improvements, I have to say they are quite nice. They can be made public or private(invite-only), have a central area for files/pictures. They also have a shared calendar that can be integrated into your personal Yahoo calendar. Admins of the club can also customize a "My Yahoo" style screen for the club.

The Yahoo club thing scales well, I have seen clubs with 1000 or more people operate quite nicely. There are even variations at Yahoo to have special "clubs" for each family, where parents are administrators and can have special privilages to their children's accounts(if desired). They even have special business clubs so a company can get all their employees together.

If you haven't ever used the whole "My Yahoo" thing before, I recommend that everyone at least go there for a look-see. They are doing some very neat things with inter-operating services.

--OK, so this post isn't really "On-topic" about Intentional On-Line communities, but hey, It seemed on-topic when I started writing it, even if it sounds like a Yahoo advertisement at the end. :-) --

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