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Re: Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG

Author:Andy Edmonds
Posted:11/1/1999; 1:14:28 PM
Topic:Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG
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Spectra and Frontier are both stronger in the ability for customization. Story Server is largely a plug and play app to my understanding.

Both Spectra and Frontier support distributed authoring, though Spectra's workflow system is significantly more developed. Frontier's custom gui is both a strength and a weakness. Once a content developer learned to use the outliner, it would be a big plus.

However, the introduction into navigation in the Frontier ODB and use of the outliner can be quite painful in my experience. Spectra used a browser based interface for most tasks (this ability is growing in Frontier).

I'm a little behind on the Frontier 6 plans, as I'm doing mostly CF these days, but a couple of other things come to mind:

  • Spectra has a well articulated user model. Administrator, Webmaster, Designer, Business Development, and Content Managers are all built into the system.
  • Spectra and Frontier both share the abiltiy to separate content from presentation, though Frontier, particularly with a non server editing environment, would be stronger in the creation of abstract data (Spectra does use XML heavily).
  • Spectra includes a robust clustering solution. Is this in the Frontier plan?

    My .02$

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