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Multiple DG, Membership & Logon

Author:Stephen B. Waters
Posted:11/1/1999; 1:26:52 PM
Topic:Multiple DG, Membership & Logon
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I am flummoxed, befuddled and desperate. I have two inches of documentation, discuss.userland responses and DRMATT printouts across my desks. I have three versions of 6.0 I've tried to begin from scratch. I'm dedicated to Frontier, but know that life should be easier than this.

My simple task to make multiple DGs with members work: contains: = ...htmlInterfaces.root"].newsStoryDG and = ...htmlInterfaces.root"].sportsStoryDG

Two DGs. newsStory and sportsStory (set up in discuss.root).

htmlInterfaces.root contains: newsStoryDG (looking like discussionGroup, each with #urls) and sportsStoryDG

Where should Logon be? How do I make members.root, which contains: newsMembers and sportsMembers

Please. Someone soften up the userland docs on the subject and clarify the assumptions.$225 and$212 and$226 don't complete the story for me.

Anyone out there want to do a quick consult?

In the FWIW department, I tried to maintain a setupNewRoot script to be able to go from a virgin root to working site. It's 462 lines and counting.

(Oops... meant this to go to Sorry.)

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