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Re: Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG
Posted:11/2/1999; 1:17:28 PM
Topic:Allaire Spectra vs. Frontier TNG
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Well, it's clearly written for non-technical folks.

I handed it to our GM who is mostly a sales guy and I think he was able to grasp what it said (with a little coaching). There's enough there to get the techies interested though.

That's *probably* why it's a PDF - so the non technical folks who don't like reading off the screen or haven't figured out how to print from their browser will have something to use.

The Allaire folks are a good bunch, and they do a good job with supporting and growing their developer community. They're more focused on NT as a platform for both server and development than I like, but you can't have everything.

I think that the move to better *nix support with ColdFusion 4.5 will be telling. Good Linux support (I hear it's very solid) could win a lot of converts. As nice as PHP, Zope, ArsDigita, etc. are, there is something to be said for a commercial product and all of the good things that go with it like documentation, books, etc. At ~US$8K for Spectra though, it's not for the meek (or the poor).

WDDX is suppposed to be open, so making it work with other systems shouldn't be too hard. OTOH, it doesn't look like anything has been done to the site in close to a year, so I can't say what kind of attention it's gotten.

All interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing the next convergance of thought.

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