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RSS Issues: Comments requested

Author:Jonathan Eisenzopf
Posted:11/10/1999; 10:22:56 AM
Topic:RSS Issues: Comments requested
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I've been working with RSS a few months now. I think it's easy and useful to work with, though there's a couple things I've been wanting to add:
  • author
  • date of the item
  • category of item
  • RSS doesn't allow HTML elements (unless you use a CDATA section)
  • release date - as in, when can partners publish the story

    There are a couple solutions I can think of:

  • extend the RSS format - it would work, but then there would be two copies of everything (one for RSS and one for the extended format)
  • invent a new format - I'd like to avoid this if possible since RSS has 90% of what I need
  • use another format - like XMLNews; but people seem to get scared when they look at the number of elements when comared to RSS.

    I'm curious to find out what others are doing to solve this problem? Any ideas?


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