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Re: RSS Issues: Comments requested

Author:Bryant Durrell
Posted:11/10/1999; 12:07:25 PM
Topic:RSS Issues: Comments requested
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Amen. I was thinking about the need for a date field a while ago, and posted, but made the mistake of bringing it up on a Sunday. ;)

I think that extending the RSS format is the right thing to do. I believe that well-written RSS software should discard elements it doesn't understand; i.e., if you add a element to your RSS file, RSS parsers which don't grok that element should simply ignore it.

I further suggest the x- convention -- it should be acceptable to add elements at will to your RSS file, as long as their names begin with x-. So, for example, . This allows people to extend their local RSS files for their local needs without fear of running into namespace problems down the road.

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