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Re: RSS Issues: Comments requested

Author:Dan Libby
Posted:11/15/1999; 3:03:33 PM
Topic:RSS Issues: Comments requested
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Okay, agreed. attribute free is nice. So, that leaves us with with something like , , . Not too bad.

Not sure what you mean by "there's a need for a tag". I presume you mean an app specific tag, ala or somesuch?

Multiple links per item is easiest to solve by allowing well-formed HTML in descriptions. I think this could be done on a per element basis. RSS already has int and string types, it could have an HTML type. If the existing Description field could contain HTML, that would do most of what you want, right? The downside is when people start adding , or whatever to the content.

I don't understand the need for a unique item ID. It is completely arbitrary, and only has meaning to the publisher. And what does the receiver do if the ID's are *not* unique?

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