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Author:Dave Polaschek
Posted:11/15/1999; 5:08:56 PM
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A little advice for upgrading to a G3. I don't know if any one else has had the experience in upgrading their older mac, but the server I use for hosting Frontier sites was attempted to be upgraded last weekend to no avail.

Actually, I had already upgraded my 7100 with a Sonnet Crescendo G3 (250MHz), back when that card cost about $600 (instead of the $250 it is now). The only problem I had was then the ambient room temperature got above about 85F, and then the whole machine would stop. I'm pondering whether I'm just going to add an extra fan for those hot summer days or whether I'm going to go nuts and add a Peltier cooler and a fan. The former will probably do the trick -- the latter definitely will (but will be about $30 more, plus added labor).

I highly recommend the Sonnet cards. The only problem I've ever had was the thermal one I mentioned above, and this machine ran nearly continuously except for those few hot days last summer. There were no stability problems after the first revision or two of their software, and installation was a snap.

Oh, and my 7100 had a 33MHz bus (it was the first rev). Due to the large cache included on the Sonnet Crescendo, the machine outperformed a Beige G3/233 from Apple in most tests I ran.


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