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Author:Scott Burton
Posted:11/15/1999; 3:46:47 PM
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A little advice for upgrading to a G3. I don't know if any one else has had the experience in upgrading their older mac, but the server I use for hosting Frontier sites was attempted to be upgraded last weekend to no avail. I wasn't there so I can't speak from experience but the server would not remain stable. It kept crashing about every hour or so. It was on a 7600 128mgs ram, G3 upgrade card 233 from Xlr8.

The 7600 has a 66mhz sys bus, the 7100 has a 40mhz sys bus. So a G3 233 upgrade might not even produce a substantial speed increase (price per mhz). I think there is a RAM limitation on the 7100 like 72 megs or so too.

I don't know if the card itself was the problem but it just flat out would not work correctly, this is after a day worth of screwing with the configurations by a very experienced mac user.

Just some advice, so you don't go through the same things we did.

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