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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/16/1999; 5:38:17 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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PC Mag: Technical Excellence Awards. Google, Bill Joy and Linus Torvalds win.

XML-DEV: "I wanted something that would be easier, and XML provided the solution."

Motley Fool's Mark Kennedy questions CallTheShots.Com. "In the CallTheShots.Com model, there is no reason for the user to ever click into my site because all of the content the user is interested in can be viewed on the site."

Survey: Is CallTheShots.Com fair or not?

Eric Soroos did a little digging and figured out how to route around CallTheShots.Com. "Active servers are fun."

Ahran Dunsmoor asks if, after voting in a survey, you should see the results of the survey. Excellent use of technology!

BTW, all UserLand.Com members are welcome to use our survey facility. It's still kind of new. I'll release the source code after 6.1 is out. I don't want to get in the way of people learning Manila.

Pyra's Evan Williams comments on RSS as it applies to weblogs.

Next Tuesday, Seattle FUG meeting.

The world's first Wu-Tan namelizer. I am Likeable Warlock.

Apparently the Wu-Tan app has been turned off. :-(

Both Marc Canter and Bill Gates are Flailing Fanatical Killer. Check out Jorn Barger's Wu-Tan name. It's funny!

Doc Searls: On the Clue Trail at Comdex. "'This was a real town when the rackets ran it,' he said. 'A guy gets drunk and loses his money, the casino puts him up and gives him enough to get out of town. They were tough bastards, but they were gentlemen.'"

Doc's Wu-Tan name is Lazy-Assed Destroyer.

Tim O'Reilly in Salon: How the web was almost won. "I don't think people realize just how close we came to a Microsoft-dominated Web. If Microsoft, having trounced Netscape, hadn't been surprised by the unexpected strength of Apache, Perl, FreeBSD and Linux, I can easily imagine a squeeze play on Web protocols and standards, which would have allowed Microsoft to dictate terms to the Web developers who are currently inventing the next generation of computer applications." Excitable Misunderstood Genius.

To Tim and everyone else. Remember, the net routes around outages. Microsoft trying to own it all is just an outage. No problemmo. They just screw themselves. I realllly believe this.

One more thing to Tim. Have a look at what Mac developers contributed to the Web, not just the Unix crowd. We're all part of one Internet now. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me. ";->"

Linus gets it: "The iMac comes in five colors. Who cares from a technical standpoint? But they're obviously selling like crazy."

TransMeta is a little more teasing this AM. Do a view source.

Linus' Wu-Tan name is Tha 3,416th Case Study.

Kurt Egger asks where would you like to be on 12/31/99?

You can't hurry love no you'll just have to wait. 45 days.

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