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Re: Required Login to Qube Quorner??

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/24/1999; 8:17:08 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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I clicked on the link for Installing Postfix on Scripting News, and (as has happened to me every time I click on a QQ link), I am presented with a login request. Is this required to READ the stories/posts that you're linking to?

There's been some confusion, we're all just getting started with Manila. To Luke Tymowski and others who are managing Manila sites, when you publish a piece, you should link to the Story not the DG message. Depending on how you have your site set up people may have to become members to even read DG messages.

So here's the pointer to the Installing Postfix article, it should be accessible by anyone, not just members of the Qube Quorner site.$75

Also, as I was poking around the Qube site, I came across a previous article about Postfix. Luke, it makes sense to link to that story from this one. See how News.Com does this for an excellent example. They always link to previous related stories. It helps build brand and membership.

Also, a side-effect of this is that Qube Quorner already has almost 400 members! Which tells me that Scripting News readers are willing to put up with almost anything.

One thing I ask everyone to remember, we're all newbies at this stuff. That's why it's so exciting! (But also bumpy.)

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