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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:11/27/1999; 5:30:19 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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I'm working on a press release and product briefing site for Manila, and was wondering if any of the Newbies or people watching from the sidelines had a comment, either public or private, that could help us explain Manila.

MatthewKingston.Com has the rotating weblog ad. He's getting a lot of hits. Oooops. Please be kind to Matthew's server. ";->"

So does "Scripting News". We support Weblogs.

Actually because it's in our distributed template, the rotating weblog ad will show up on the home pages of a few UserLand.Com sites.

HalfBrain CEO Steve Guttman says: "We're anxious to get Mac, Unix, Netscape stuff working."

The Cluetrain Weblog keeps on rollin down the track.

Zope-Newbies: Transition to Acquisition.

Jorn Barger: The best and worst of web design. "Good web design is about being considerate." Amen.

I posted a message this morning on the XML-DEV list announcing the XML backend for Weblog Monitor.

CJ Gillis asks a key question on "Is there a web engine that would allow me to display my work for the use of students who have more curiosity than time?" Answer.

BTW, is a Manila site. There are so many!

Alamut observes that there are now twelve Dutch weblogs, and wonders how many there will be in five years.

Sheila Simmons is running a kickass weblog! In Seattle.

Wired: Closing the Windows on MS. "By process of elimination, the personal computer -- which had grown up serving a set of business tasks like calculating spreadsheets and tallying databases atop a multi-purpose operating system -- was pressed into duty. It was awkwardly teamed with the telephone line to become the temporary front-end for a radical new information medium."

Wired, check out the Qube. It's happening to Linux too. The form factors are in flux.

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