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Re: Localization of 6.1?

Author:David Carter-Tod
Posted:12/7/1999; 8:33:09 AM
Topic:Localization of 6.1?
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Perhaps I should say something, since I was the one who suggested that Gridbox might have something to do with localization. My understanding (I'm sure Mike and Dave will correct me where I'm off-base):

1. Gridbox is copying a concept from the ColdFusion community. It doesn't actually connect Frontier and ColdFusion.

2. I think Gridbox aims to codify the way in which Frontier code is written, so that code written to the Gridbox spec separates presentation and function. The aim is to make it more re-usable, readable, and plug-and-playable(?).

Frontier and Userland does this more often than not, but not with a naming convention (which is part of the Gridbox idea). The localization and calendar issues are an example, I think, but perhaps I need to be more specific.

I'm not sure I can come up with a good example, but if you look at the Manilla HTML code, the {bodytext} is somewhat of a black box that is hard to disentangle (witness someone's comment about styles in an earlier discussion group message). Nevertheless an enormous amount of functionality and presentation is mixed in there. The way I understand it the Gridbox spec would support people building mainResponder applications that kept a strict separation between functionality (e.g. getting membership data from a GDB location) and presentation (e.g. wrapping HTML code around that data).

I've read Mike's code in his ProjectManager GDB. I like the way he writes. I think he knows what he's doing. Ultimately if no-one follows the convention, it's no skin off anyone's nose.


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