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Re: Writing for the web (newbies)

Author:Brian Carnell
Posted:12/7/1999; 10:24:33 AM
Topic:Writing for the web (newbies)
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Just remember the classic formula for saying anything. Tell people what you're going to say. Say it. Then, tell people what you just said. A lot of writing on the web is too sparse -- people need more context than a lot of bloggers give.

To borrow an example from your web log (which I cite primarily because your log is one of the more interesting I've read lately): "Cam is pointing to some fascinating essays by John Stevenson. A lot of these ideas I've seen replicated in by many other authors." More context on what the essays were about would have been helpful -- the Barlow quote was much more informative (though I think he and Stevenson are both wrong).

BTW, regarding that Chronicle of Higher Ed. piece you commented on. If educator's think technology creates bad writers, perhaps that explains the almost unreadable prose found in most professional academic journals.

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