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Netscape and CSS

Author:Jason Levine
Posted:12/8/1999; 12:38:02 PM
Topic:Netscape and CSS
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Does anyone else have major problems with Netscape rendering pages with CSS? I spent two hours today trying to debug a problem with my page, and it turned out to be that when I had "margin-left: 20px" in one of my styles, Netscape refused to render another table on the page; note that this table was not using this style, and was in fact nowhere near the object that was using this style. Putting "margin-left: 10px" solved the problem. STRANGE.

(To see these effects, look at the home page of my editthispage site -- it is using a style sheet without the offending line, and there are links in the first two paragraphs to versions with 10px and 20px lines in the style sheets.)

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