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Templates, Manila, and always being new at this...

Author:Robert Cassidy
Posted:12/8/1999; 12:05:24 PM
Topic:Templates, Manila, and always being new at this...
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Well, I've determined that Frontier is something that will always be hard for me to master. Ah well, no worry.

My issue is this: I like Manila a great deal so far (thank you Dave) but I, along with many people, will need to deploy it in an environment where it is required or highly desirable to meet certain look-and-feel guidelines. Now, the templates allow most of this to happen quite painlessly, but with 6.0 I couldn't make changes to the calendar and other externally generated code very easily. I haven't plowed very far into 6.1 yet to see if it's now simple to do (I presume not given that few Manila sites have modified these things to any degree aside from font and color), but in either case, a tutorial on how to do it would help move some of us along...

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