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Author:Dru Oja Jay
Posted:12/12/1999; 3:38:42 PM
Topic:Participatory democracy
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This is interesting. An immediate shortcoming that I have noticed is that people tend to stay with like-minded people (see slashdot) and not stray too far from their point of view. Also, you can never tell (really well) if the people you want to read your comments actually do - it's pretty easy for anyone to (conveniently) ignore others' POV.

(quick survey: how many people saw what I wrote on misnomer about this?)

In discussion groups, there is a common space so that both parties have to come halfway.

OTOH, DG's don't always work this way: people lack the civility to work together on a common ground. Each person working in their own space can be a good thing, but alienation is even easier. Is the individual site medium better at this because people don't have their readership guaranteed?

Jimi just answered: "soon enough, time will tell"

I find that in any medium, sincerity is a prerequisite for getting anything done (long term).

One reasonable conclusion: belittling people or insulting them is counterproductive.



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