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Feature Requests for DG

Author:Oliver Breidenbach
Posted:1/6/2000; 5:04:27 AM
Topic:Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?
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Hi there,

I'll chime in as I am currently evaluating the possibility of doing my own DG in Frontier.

Here are the booby-traps I fall into and possible solutions in order of priority:

1) The date roll-over. Bad Idea. Now why is it bad? Being around (almost at least) the globe, I always miss yesterdays posts. How about listing all new message since I last visited the Board? The same goes for the topics list. We should see, say, the n last topics in addition to all topics that I have contributed to.

2) I *always* want to see all that has been said in a particular thread. Please add some way to see the threads structure at all times. It is a pain to navigate back up the hierarchy to get into a different branch. I think "outliner" is the magic word here...

3) Message Header information is not very useful to ME(!). What do I care what number the current message is? The next and previous links, most of the time, have nothing to do with the thread I am in. Maybe we need some sort of 2D navigation system. One goes in chronological order, the other in thematic order.

4) If I post something, I should get notified when someone answers. I tend to forget which threads I contributed to. May not apply to omnipotent beings, though. ;-)

5) Make it customisable in Appearance! Please!

I would love to come up with my own implementation, but that is going to take some time until I've learned the plumbings of Manila and Frontier. Any pointers are appreciated.



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