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Re: Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?

Author:Sten Linnarsson
Posted:1/6/2000; 2:56:20 AM
Topic:Your favorite web-based DG interfaces?
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1) After each news item on the front page: replace the skull, which is incomprehensible to anyone without a long Frontier history, with the following one-liner:

Discuss. There are X replies to this message.

Where 'Discuss' takes you to the first reply. This is how I had it before I switched to Manila. I like it because it gives me an incentive to click over from news to discussion mode.

2) Allow IE5 (and higher) users to edit with a rich text editor by using an IFRAME with designMode="On". Add a hidden TEXTAREA and then copy the contents of the IFRAME onClick() on the "post response" button. This is easy to implement, I have done it but I no longer have a demo, since I upgraded to Manila (which has other great features!). A demo of designMode itself is at Requires IE5 (not 5.5).

3) List the whole topic below each message in flat mode, with a pointer to the current message. Like this:

A message
A reply
Another reply
>>This is what we're reading now
Another message

Could work in threaded mode too, but I prefer flat so I can just read through in chronological order.

...this is what I like. I have implemented it in Frontier 6.0, and I'm just about to move it to Manila.

Question: how can I prevent the automatic update from overwriting my customizations? Is there an easy way to both get the Userland updates and bugfixes and customize the editor, the message board etc? Or should I just wait for Userland to add the features?

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