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Re: A feature coming in MSIE

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/11/2000; 10:50:46 AM
Topic:A feature coming in MSIE
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And I noticed that uninstalling IE5.5 was as rough for me as it was for you Dave. I uninstalled IE 5.5, then reinstalled IE 5.01, but my home machine has never been the same way since. I'm having memory leaks in IE now that I never had before, which results in IE crashing after about 15 minutes of use.

Same here. I just uninstalled MSIE 5.5 per Microsoft's instructions (private email) and reinstalled. But Outlook Express lost all my email (I found it and imported it) and now there are *new bugs* in the browser, and the emailer is behaving very differently.

I'm not amused.

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