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Germany, Karlsruhe, ZKM!

Author:Christoph Pingel
Posted:1/12/2000; 9:19:17 AM
Topic:Live session in Europe?
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as you are looking for a place to do a live session in Europe - I propose that you come to Karlsruhe, to the "Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie" (Center for Arts and Media). Which is perhaps THE Frontier place in Germany (apart from André Radkes desktop, perhaps).

What do you have here? For your presentation: The "Media Theater" which is an auditorium for about 200 people with state-of-the-art stage technology and live streaming capabilities (both RealAudio and Quicktime) for audio and video. Next door, we have the "Hochschule für Gestaltung" which is a university for media arts, philosophy, art's history. There's Deutsche Telekom and several other telecommunications companies in town, another art's school, an engineering university. You could have a very interesting audience - artists, business people, designers, programmers - both live and on the internet. (BTW, Karlsruhe is in the south-west of Germany, close to France and Switzerland, Frankfurt is only an hour's ride away.)

Currently, we are re-designing the website around a set of SQL and Filemaker databases, completely with Frontier and Manila. We have several avid Frontier developers (two Support Associates: Tom Fürstner, formerly at ORF Online; Christoph Pingel, formerly at Digitale Informationssysteme - remember "Brockhaus" and "Radio Regenbogen" and some articles in c't? -; and some very talented newbies), perhaps the biggest Frontier developers pool in Europe, and we are growing.

About the institute: ZKM is - as far as I know - the only "physical" institution in the World that is dedicated *entirely* to New Media and the Arts; you will hardly find anyone in the international media art's community who has not yet been here. The current exhibition here called "net_condition" (which is featured under is perhaps the first "real" exhibition about and similar fields.

We think that you, as a pioneer of Macintosh and Windows programming, outlining, web logging, scripting, have to contribute something very essential in this setting, preferably as an official part of net_condition. This will definitely be a win-win situation, and we will do everything to make it a successful event for you.

So please allow us to kindly invite you to come to Karlsruhe in February!

Best regards, Tom Fürstner and Christoph Pingel

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