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Re: Manila on Linux

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/12/2000; 7:44:05 PM
Topic:Manila on Linux
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Kam, every app needs some kind of library to interface to OS services. The Windows API is as good as any. Our users want our software running on Linux, we do too, if for no other reason that to cut the cost of the server by the cost of Windows NT. We think there may be performance benefits as well. Further, WINE can also be baked into the app, so it should perform really well. We'd have to write the code anyway, better to use code that's already debugged, and if it's lacking, share our improvements with other Windows developers making the transition. Fact is, there's a huge base of Win32 code. Keeping religion out of it, after all, I doubt if many Manila users care what OS is hosting their sites. Why should they?

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