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Re: Manila on Linux

Author:Dennis Moser
Posted:1/14/2000; 7:12:25 AM
Topic:Manila on Linux
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But, Dave, isn't the REAL question being raised here not about the _writers_ at the end of the Manila food/user-chain, but people like myself who now own a copy of Frontier running Manila on a Mac and would like to be able to use a more open OS such as Linux on their PowerPC? How many people actually own Frontier and are running Manila sites? Sure, there are +1600 users of *, but of them, how many have purchased Frontier? Are they not beneficiaries? Aren't those of us who spend the money the REAL users of Manila? After all, if it wasn't for the people who run the servers running Frontier/Manila, this would be a moot discussion.

At the risk of creeping into "religion", the PowerPC/Linux combination has been shown to be extraordinarily robust; the innate elegance of the hardware (okay, so the 8xxx series is a bugger to upgrade) still makes the older machines viable for those on a budget and with the development of products such as Yellow DOg Linux and LinuxPPC, there is an equal elegance in the OS.

Part of the attraction of Linux is that it make a robust OS available to a lot of older hardware. It is an extremely "Green-friendly" approach that should be encouraged. Just because cooking the WINE code into Manila could be done, aren't you running the RISC (pun intended) of being exclusionary? Making old hardware utterly obsolete with the resulting landfill problems is not a terribly healthy thing to be encouraging.

I love what I can do with Manila as an end user; I love even more what I can do as a Server Deity with my PowerPC and Frontier/Manila; I would love it even more if I could use Frontier/Manila on a Linux-breathing PowerPC.

Think about it: you ARE in the business of SELLING software and while there are fewer Mac users than Windows users, there are an increasing number of Mac-flavored Linux users out there who would buy an "agnostic" version of Frontier/Manila.

I think this is a significant thread and I hope it doen't get lost under some of the other discussions.

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