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Re: Manila on Linux

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/14/2000; 7:30:04 AM
Topic:Manila on Linux
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First, I refer you to the policy page on this site.$10550

Anyway, I don't buy these arguments. To respond to them I'd have to open the books on UserLand, a privately held company, and I don't want to do that. I will say this, you overstate the contribution that Mac users have made to our financial success.

I further suggest you read the FAQ I pointed to this morning from, esp the part about buyers and sellers, your freedom and ours.

Finally, with limited development resources we have to make choices. There's no question there's significant demand for a Linux version of Frontier. We're taking the shortest path to getting there. Some users employ ridiculous and embarassing kinds of emotional pressure to try to get us to do what they want us to do. I tune that out. It actually works against your cause. We gravitate to the environments that are free of this kind of pressure.

Now that I've dealt with the emotional and religious parts of your message (see how time consuming that is?) what are you suggesting we do? Hold up the Intel-Linux port until we can do a 10-times-greater engineering job to get the same code to run on PPC? Why? Would that be responsible to my shareholders? (That's where my sole allegiance is, as CEO of the company.)

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