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Re: 100 websites that will change the world

Author:James J. Vornov
Posted:1/16/2000; 7:37:05 PM
Topic:100 websites that will change the world
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I addressed the question on my Edit This Page site On Deciding . . . Better

In my usual windbaggy, pedantic way, I think the problem with the question as stated is that it asks for a prediction for a website that will, in the future, change the world as unitary whole.

In the world of many-to-many communication and formation of community regardless of distance, it's not very likely that a website will change "the world".

So my answer is "none with a high enough probability to spend the time discussing."

If we reframe the question to consider changing "worlds", then I think we have something worth discussing. Personally, websites have already changed my world. In fact, some have transformed my life. But what's transforming for me is unlikely to transforming for Dave Winer.

I think Davos might want to hear what sites are likely to change Dave's Life. Then we can move on to which will change the lives of other individuals, other communities.

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