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100 websites that will change the world

Author:Phil Wolff
Posted:1/16/2000; 10:22:07 AM
Topic:100 websites that will change the world
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My first nomination to the list... - 2 guys, $90, one web site, a simple viral mechanism, email. They created a "Flash Campaign" to lobby congress to censure Clinton and move on.

A flash campaign is a completely new phenomenon emerging from the radically reduced cost of communicating. Traditionally, political campaigns have been run by existing organizations with long histories, high overhead and inertia. MoveOn literally sprang from nowhere, with no affiliations or external funding. This is only possible in a world where you can communicate with 100 million people for $89.95.
In a few weeks, they signed up 500,000 members, produced 2 million emails to congress, and created congresional awareness of a public distate for the proceedings. From their documentation: made three key innovations:
  • website support for a word-of-mouth campaign,
  • web forms to mobilize and monitor a large volunteer force, and
  • online "bundling" of candidate contributions.
These innovations have changed the rules of the game. Depth of public opinion will be heard. Efficient field operations will compete effectively against broadcast media for campaign dollars. Candidates will have efficient support from small donors.

Democracy will never be the same.

To the extent that community (market?) attention and communication impact governance and leadership, the Davosians should be interested.

Phil dijest Wolff

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