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Re: 100 websites that will change the world

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/16/2000; 7:53:08 PM
Topic:100 websites that will change the world
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OK, what about porn sites?

The Great Unmentionables.

They exist. Anyone, kids included, can see pictures of wide open beaver, or sex acts, some loving, most (probably) not very.

I was 16 before I ventured into Manhattan to buy a magazine that showed what an adult woman really looks like.

Now, that information is available to the curious for free in the privacy of your own room. Close the door, shut out the light, Roy Rodgers is riding tonight.

I think these websites truly will change the world. Sexual attitudes 20 years from now will likely be completely different because sexual exploration by children can no longer be repressed by adults. We used to get our jollies looking up "shit" in the dictionary. Today's kids won't be shocked at 16. They'll be shocked much earlier. Maybe they won't be shocked??

And rather than saying what should be "done about it" I don't have that actual assignment. But the question is, do I want to be the one to show the pictures to the adults at Davos?

I'd much rather show them James' page, or 2020 Hindsight, or Array, or Marc's Voice or Hack-The-Planet, or Linux Newbies, or you get the idea. And while I think that storytelling is very satisfying and wonderful I also think having a relaxed attitude about body parts is also very important.

So there you have it, my own windbaggy pedantic ramblings. A website can be revolutionary. So revolutionary that even mentioning it is considered impolite.

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