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scriptingNews outline for 1/22/00

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:1/22/2000; 6:23:29 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/22/00
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WebDeveloper: Scalable Vector Graphics. "Web pages will begin to look a lot more like magazine pages, with DTP-inspired typographic effects and pixel-perfect positioning of page elements. Pages will be custom-zoomable, and antialiasing will make every element look crisp at every magnification."

Anthem is Andrew Wooldridge's project to create a new XML-based application for managing Manila sites with Mozilla.

Hey, Manila works with WebTV.

Here's a beautiful design for a Manila site. The links don't go anywhere. But he's got a good thing going with Photoshop and DHTML.

Why Flash and Manila will be a huge win when it happens.

Cameron Smith wants to bridge Quark XPress to Manila.

More cool pictures and stories from Susan Kitchens.

Can you hear the juice being sucked out of WAP? Slurrrp!

DavosNewbies on badge colors.

Dan Bricklin uses bold text to make his writing easier to read. I think boldface is for wimpy writers, no matter what Jakob Nielsen's studies show. I write for readers not skimmers.

Dan Lyke: "It kind of amazed me to see Dan Gillmor speak of bold as "exploring the new medium". John Dvorak used to do this in his paper columns, must've been a decade ago. I found it distracting then, too."

A clever joke whining about Mac developers.

Dru Jay illustrates a tolerable way to whine. On his own page, in his own space, reflecting on no one but himself.

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